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Far From Perfect

So Grand Theft Auto IV was finally released this week among all of the hype and controversy that usually surrounds a new release in the series. Adding to both the hype and controversy this time around is the fact that IGN released their exclusive first review of the game and scored it a rare 10 out of 10. Now there are plenty of things wrong with that picture and plenty of people have cried foul over the way the whole affair has a foul odor about it, so I don’t simply want to repeat what you can already read all over the internet. Instead, I’d like to point out that there is an issue with this controversy that no one seems to be willing to touch upon, and that is that GTA IV is simply not that great a game. IGN may claim that their review was completely unbiased, but I really have to question whether or not they actually played the game or simply posted the score based on the series’ history and hype. How can a game achieve a perfect score when it features terrible driving, fighting, and shooting controls? Seriously, the cars handle about as well as bumper cars on an ice rink. Sure, the story in the game is good, but why does it have to be wrapped in so many repetitive and boring missions. Several hours into the game I was still driving people back and forth across the city. And what about all of the innovations of the previous games that simply dropped out of sight? You can’t own property, visit other cities, make yourself stronger by working out, … the list of features that have vanished from the game is extensive.

GTA IV is a better than average game, but that’s it. Recent games such as BioShock and Call of Duty 4 have been able to suck me in right from the moment I started playing. I’m hours into GTA IV and there are times I feel like I am forcing myself to play so that I can write a review of the game. This is hardly the hallmark of a “perfect” game.